The Modest Proposal

Summer 2012 - Science Fictions

"Life got awfully boring with only humans to talk to."
—Larry Niven, Ringworld (1970)

In This Issue...


Interview - The Fantastic Voyage: John C. Tibbetts and the Voices of "The Gothic Imagination"

A conversation about conversations with the giants of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror.


Review of Troll Hunter

Gabriel Ricard on the monster equivalent of reality TV.


Muscles & the Apocalypse

The reality behind post-apocalyptic physicality.


Four Fourth-Dimensional Stories: A Comparative Survey of Time Travel Fiction

How does science fiction's favorite trope fare in the long view?


Kevin M. Flanagan reviews Vicious Lips and Queen of Blood

John C. Tibbetts' science fiction, fantasy and horror interviews on the AboutSF Podcast

Joseph Maddrey remembers Ray Bradbury

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