The Modest Proposal

Summer 2009

"Tomorrow I will wake up at my ranch, he thought, and it was as though he were two men at once: the man gliding along through the autumn day and the geography of his native land, and the other man, imprisoned in a sanatorium and subjected to methodological attentions."
—Jorge Luis Borges, "The South" (1944)

In This Issue...

The Life and Death of Elephants

Roshan Patel gives a wide-angle view of the circle of life.

Review of The Outlander

Gil Adamson's mind-trip hits and misses.

Review of Toward a New Film Aesthetic

The new mode of film boldly goes where its postmodern forebears have gone before.

Review of Walter Benjamin's Archive

The theorist-poet's personal collections laid bare.

Review of Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King

What do we still have to learn about American's premiere fear-maker?

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