The Modest Proposal

Summer 2008

"We should find ourselves indulging in similar daydreams if we started musing under the cone-shaped roof of a wind-mill. We should sense its terrestrial nature, and imagine it to be a primitive hut stuck togehter with mud, firmly set on the ground in order to resist the wind. Then, in an immense synthesis, we should dream at the same time of a winged house that whines at the slightest breeze and refines the energies of the wind. Millers, who are the wind thieves, make good flour from storms."
—Gaston Bachelard (1958), (From The Poetics of Space)

In This Issue...


A confessional memoir of life and love with Arthur Dub.

Exhibition Review—David Byrne: Playing a Building [.pdf]

Our New York correspondent experiences a peculiar installation.

Review of Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi

An ode to the wild mind of animation's enfant terrible.

"And play the game!": Politics, Sport, and Beijing

Boycott or bust? A sensible stance on the problem of this Olympics.

Exhibition Review—Richard Misrach: On the Beach

Blockbuster photography for the National Gallery's summer season.

Review of The Age of American Unreason

Whence comes distraction? Has America lost its focus?

Review of A Man Without a Country

Vonnegut bids his readers an appropriate, sometimes grim, farewell.

Exhibition Review—The New World of Coca-Cola

How Coca-Cola creates a brand experience in their new Atlanta, GA exhibit.

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